Jaclyn Beattie

"Buying a house was something I considered years ago but I found I was uneducated in market trends, couldn’t afford the options I was presented, and overall unlucky in every single area when it came to a purchase. Flash forward almost 10 years- I meet Ashley Carter. Ashley doesn’t just help you “buy a house” but instead specializes in creating wealth through real estate investment. My fiancé and I were blown away by the knowledge and guidance Ashley gave us; different types of loans, walking through refinance options (Nick owns in another state), and after 2 months of visits to neighborhoods near and far from downtown Chicago we are now owners of a 2-flat in Smith Park and excited to keep the “long term investment” mindset going. Thank you Ashley for your dedicated team (shoutout to Laura and Frank too!). We can’t wait to move in."

— Jaclyn Beattie